WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger down

(Friday 11:25pm) WhatsApp and Instagram were hit on March 19 at 10.30 pm in Pakistan as users took to social media platforms to complain about the services being down.

Downdetector, that provides realtime overview of issues and outages with all kinds of social media platforms said in a tweet that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram were facing technical issues.

It is not clear what caused the outage, but many users across India and the US, took to Twitter to complain about the service. In India, the problem started at approximately 11 pm and there was no update about the reason behind the outage from Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

However, there were over 100,000 tweets about users not being able to connect to WhatsApp (web and the app), Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

In February end, people across the UK were experiencing similar issues as the were unable to connect to the social media platforms owned my Facebook.

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