Whatsapp to unveil new feature for voice messages

March 24, 2021 Washington: The management of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging app, has announced the introduction of a new feature for its users, which will be available to the general public for some time.

BaaghiTV: In the current era, WhatsApp has become the fastest and largest means of transferring almost all types of mobile data, in addition to messaging, e-files, photos, videos. According to a conservative estimate, WhatsApp currently has 2 billion worldwide. This is why the company keeps updating the features of this app to save its customers from trouble.

However, now the WhatsApp administration has announced the introduction of a new feature for its users and in this regard, a report has come out that WhatsApp is now going to update the voice message feature.

According to media reports, work on this feature is in progress, while according to some reports, work on it is nearing completion. Audio messages can be played with speed just like a video can be played with speed. This speed can be from 1x to 2x, the main purpose of which is to send long voice messages to users quickly and save their time. WhatsApp administration has started work on a new feature.

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