Wheat cultivation to be completed by Dec 15

FAISALABAD, Dec 04 (APP)-:The agriculture exporters have advised the farmers to complete cultivation of wheat crops by December 15.

A spokesman of the agriculture department said Wednesday that November was the most suitable time for wheat cultivation as production of wheat and quality of grain will decrease gradually if the cultivation will be late after November.

However, the farmers should complete wheat cultivation by using 60 kilograms wheat seed instead of 50 kg seed per acre if they failed to cultivate it during November.

He said that the farmers should use one and half bag of DAP fertilizer and at first watering 2-3 bags of Urea fertilizer. A bag of Sulphate of Potash (SOP) should also be applied for getting good produce.
He said that the farmers should cultivate approved varieties of wheat including Faisalabad-2008, Galaxy-2013, NN Gandum-I-2016, Sehar-2006, Johar-2016, Anaj-2017 and Punjab-2011, etc. These varieties were not only disease resistant but have the capacity of giving maximum production, he added.

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