When under a cloud, don’t leave someone in the lurch

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Seven hundred and fifty men and women have been swept away during the recent and ongoing flood waters. Many are homeless, the majority of them are marooned and others are now without their homes. Who is going to come to their rescue?

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The trail of destruction in Punjab, Balochistan has forced people to take shelter out in the open after their only assets in the world were razed to the ground or washed away. While Sindh is devastated, Hyderabad is totally flooded. Their lives coming to a juddering halt. It was agonizingly painful to see a woman from Hyderabad, voicing her concerns on TV. She waded through waters in her house from waist down below. I literally saw this woman with her children begging for help.

I don’t think there is anything more important than to help these poor people. This is not a time of bickering, point scoring, or for that matter being up in arms against one another.

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I am strictly speaking of political archrivals. The focus has always been vote-getting, filibustering, and hackling. All the CMs must unite as one. The army must also work with the aid of the province heads and alleviate the suffering of the helpless poor. There is no better deed than providing these helpless with food and shelter.

Credible people with good backgrounds should be assigned this important role to provide them with whatever is essentially important. Leave everything else unless they are housed somewhere safe. That should be the duty of every CM of its respective province. Moreover, the public representatives should be asked, what affected areas they might recommend for all such aid to reach the victims accordingly. The philanthropic groups combined with other credible NGOs should come forward to shoulder this responsibility.

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The destitute and the nomads now should be treated with respect. The scrutiny must be done through their ID cards to ascertain their past location of residence. All such displaced homeless people be compensated either by the surest fund or through allotment of built small homes. The much too wealthier class be incorporated to share the burden. On one appeal of IK, there could be tremendous amounts flowing in. Likewise, Mr. Zardari should arrange funds privately or through other means to help bring the people back to life. Shahbaz sharif must make an appeal to his followers to do the needful. This is a collective problem. A lot can be done if all heads roll in. Let’s salvage whatever we can.

According to fresh reports, the condition of people in these flood-ravaged areas is appalling. They need immediate help. It is pertinent to note that the administration and the public representatives are nowhere to be found.

It is heart-rending and gut-wrenching to find people at mercy of humble circumstances. We are sick of this political posturing of the politicians pitched against one another endlessly. We are just sick of this unending drama. Go out and help the poor. The very old are on the move with nothing in sight. It will be prudent to now devise plans to reconstruct the areas which are washed away. Relocate the displaced and house them in new settlements. They have to be housed in concrete settlements temporarily. But the important thing is to discontinue all cosmetic developmental infrastructural plans in already nice and strongly built areas. The funds from the government kitty must be diverted forthwith to settle the poor people and rebuild their homes. For instance, all money should be allocated for DG Khan affected and other such cities affected by rains. Similarly, Sindh should be given a priority. Balochistan should be considered for the same.

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This should be the only priority at the moment. All else would pale in comparison.

Well, this has been one of the major human catastrophes ever. Sadly our political elite is embroiled in their political wranglings. The dams, the road networks will take years before they are built again. But we need to cater to the woes of the marginalized sections of society. We see our country divided along polarity divisions. There is no cohesiveness like the one we saw during the floods and earthquake, in 2005.

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