Where Has Human Compassion Gone: A Look Into Global Dynamics and Religious Shifts

Life it seems is more about detentions, deportations and demolitions. This is serious abuse of humanitarian rights. The very constitution according to all instruments of social liberties actually govern our right to movement, it also guarantees the freedom of speech, the right to live peacefully in a civilized society. What takes a society to be termed civilized is another lengthy debate.

However, the seemingly painful and an endless lock down in IOK now speak of violations to a greater degree. The callous attitude of the authorities in Kashmir is abhorrent. The helpless people await actionable justice which may mitigate their sufferings largely.

Our calls to the UN rights chiefs comes at a time when it appears that the world at large is in for a Donny brook. The incarcerated, impending communities are languishing in their restricted areas or the circumscribed boundaries with no relief in sight. They are being denied their right to plebiscite.The martyrs of Kashmir have the flag of Pakistan wrapped around their coffins when they embrace martyrdom. There couldn’t have been a more persuasive way of asking of freedom, or demonstrating the spirit of allegiance which they think they owe to Pakistan.

The world forums are insensitive to atrocities which are perpetrated on these poor people whose only fault remains their conviction in freeing their homeland of the tyrants or the masters of the man kind.
The situation in Assam, the citizen verification process in the north east India has left 1.9 million people at the mercy of humble circumstances. They are anxious, perplexed and seem to be on tenterhooks.

At any given time they may be asked to leave their problem only exacerbating. We are at the cusp of ruination morally and socially. The degradation of core human values is incredibly high. I appeal in earnest that this process of verification be carried out meticulously. We must prevent deportations and statelessness.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

In the occupied Palestinian territory the continued expansion of settlements across West bank like east Jerusalem is illegal. It is the failure of the state apparatus to hold such people to account who attack settlements invariably with no punitive action. Demolitions of homes have increased under the Israeli zoning and planning framework. It’s nothing but chaos and clutter.

The restriction to report such matters must be curbed only to create more space for the civil society. Entire Muslim Rohingya villages in Myanmar have been demolished and replaced by police barracks, government buildings and refugee relocation camps it is noted.

After the exodus of Rohingya Muslims their places were decimated. The Burmese had done the text book cleansing as pointed out by the U.N. They are being asked to return now but, they fear that they might get the same mistreatment which they got earlier on.

Mian Haroon Masood Pakistani Political Leader

Where is the human compassion gone? Let it be known. Nature has its own ways of revenge, technology or advancement has no control over Gods wrath.

Let’s not forget the divine intervention of our Lord when things get out of hand for too long. The tsunamis, the hurricanes, the flash floods, the tornadoes is only a matter to ponder over… make this world a better place where we must live to care and share.


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