Where is the diversity in our dramas today?

Where-is-the-diversity-in-our-dramas-today #Baaghi

Lahore, 9th August: There is no denying the fact that television shows and soap dramas have become a part of our daily life. 8:oo p.m is perhaps the only time of the day when the entire family gets together to sit down and watch a prime-time drama (willingly or not).

Although this one hour should be a cause of light-hearted fun, due to a rising trend of negative themes prominent in these dramas, it turns into a stressful, somber hour.

The theme of ‘hatred’ is rapidly becoming a prevalent concept in the majority of our drama serials; from Nisha’s hatred and jealousy towards her sister Meesha in ARY Digital’s superhit drama ‘Jalan‘, to Mashal and Mehreen’s utter detestation of each other in Hum TV’s latest drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay’. It seems as though the most popular dramas of today are only those which highlight and exaggerate this emotion.

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We know that whilst these plays are inspired by real-life, certain aspects and emotions are required to be overdramatized however, it seems as though the writers and producers are simply focused on enlarging the gap between the good and the bad, the oppressed and the oppressor, the innocent and the sinner.

It almost seems like a competition between each new TV serial to create a bigger vamp than any before and a more forgiving and pure heroine.

Our female lead antagonists seem to have lost any depth to their characters as their entire personality depends on sheer hatred towards either their sister or cousin. As we skip from channel to channel, we find the same old story: the lead antagonist is beyond jealous of the female protagonist, who is happily married to the love of her life.

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So in the spirit of jealousy and hatred, she becomes the biggest villain and does anything and everything in her power to make the life of the happy couple miserable, only for the man to divorce/leave the heroine and marry her, a decision he thoroughly regrets till the end of the drama.

From Geo TV’s ‘Mohlat‘, to ARY digital’s ‘Azmaish‘ and Hum TV’s ‘Laapata‘, they all follow the exact same storyline. Not only does it become repetitive and predictable, but the audience will soon become bored of watching this content.

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Viewers want to watch diversity in the topics being shared through these dramas. These dramas also have a significant impact on the mindset of their audience, so perhaps, the writers and producers should focus on new storylines.

Even if they argue that this is a ‘mirror to our societal issues, we would like to counter this by saying that there are many more pressing and prevalent societal issues that need to be highlighted as well.

Moreover, the audience would surely love it if there is at least one such drama that is a simple good quality comedy, so that the entire family can sit down to have a light-hearted, stress-free evening.

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