Which parties have been in power in the US for the last decade?


Baaghi TV: Today is a very important day for the United States, because the presidential election is taking place in which the decision of the most powerful person in the world will be made.

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Trump’s Republican Party is in power at the moment, and his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, is also vying for power. This report shows who came in power and when during the last ten years.

The ruling Republican Party of the United States entered politics 168 years ago in 1854.

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In the last ten US elections, six Republican and four Democratic candidates have won. Ronald Reagan, a Republican, was twice elected president in the 1980s with a record mandate. Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election with 489 electoral votes.

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His opponent, Democratic candidate Jimmy Carter, received 49 electoral votes. In the 1984 election, Ronald Reagan was elected president for a second term with 525 electoral votes.

This year, Democrat Walter Mondell received only 13 electoral votes. In the 1988 election, Republican George W. Bush Sr. won with 426 electoral votes.

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Democratic candidate Michael Docox received 111 electoral votes in 1988. In the 1992 election, Bill Clinton of the Democratic Party won with 370 electoral votes. Opposing Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr. of the Republican Party lost with 168 votes. In the 1996 election, Bill Clinton of the Democratic Party won with 379 electoral votes. Elected president Republican Bob Dole received only 159 electoral votes.

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In the 2000 election, Republican George W. Bush became president by a narrow margin. Bush Jr. had 271 electoral votes, while his Democratic rival, Albert Al Gore, had 266 electoral votes. In the 2004 election, Republican George W. Bush was re-elected with 286 electoral votes. Democratic candidate John Kerry received 251 electoral votes.

Barack Obama of the Democratic Party won the 2008 election with 365 electoral votes. His Republican opponent, John McCain, received 173 electoral votes.

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Four years later, in the 2012 election, Democrat Barack Obama won a second term with 332 electoral votes. Republican Mitt Romney won 206 electoral votes. In the 2016 election, Republican Donald Trump was elected president with 306 electoral votes. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton received 232 electoral votes.

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This time around, according to experts, President Trump’s victory or defeat in this election depends on what voters think about the most important issues. These cases include the situation of COVID-19 in the US. Biden has criticized President Trump on the issue, saying the election is a referendum on President Trump’s handling of the crisis.

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The other key issue is the recovery of the US economy. President Trump, citing the latest figures from the Commerce Department, said that during his presidency, the US growth rate increased by 33.1% during July and September.

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