Which party from Pakistan contacted Afghan Taliban?

According to the report of Baaghi TV, PML-Z chief Ijaz-ul-Haq has said that the Taliban have announced in favour for women.

Ijaz-ul-Haq said that minorities have also been represented in the shura. The Taliban has reiterated that there will be no attack on Pakistan from the territory of Afghanistan. The rest of the miscreants have been ordered to leave Afghanistan. Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Jamaat-e-Islami have contacted the Taliban. The rest of the parties should also accept the Taliban now. Turkey, Iran and Pakistan will form an Islamic bloc together. The Taliban’s strategy is very good and other countries have accepted it,It is going to be a true Islamic state.

The United States was defeated in Afghanistan. It is not known how many of those who fled from there became abusive to Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif met with those who insulted Pakistan. Their leadership is gone. The Pakistani Taliban had no status in making anti-military statements. Behind them were the United States, Israel and India. There is no threat to the existence of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Maryam Nawaz speaks what is taught by her teacher. I would advise Maryam Nawaz to stay where her father started. We had a wish to pray in Gul Charkhi Mosque again in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the Taliban reached Kabul yesterday after which Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. The Taliban is in control of Kabul. Other important government buildings have also been taken over by the Afghan Taliban. And the Afghan Taliban are patrolling the streets and instructing people to cooperate

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, while congratulating on the victory of Kabul, said that the entire Muslim nation of Afghanistan, especially the citizens of Kabul, congratulate on the victory. Give thanks with humility. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, while congratulating on the victory of Kabul, said that the real test and trial of the Taliban has now begun, how they serve the Afghan people and such a thing for the world. Be an example for the rest of the world to follow.

China ready to establish friendly relations with Taliban (baaghitv.com)

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