White House still under the clouds of despair


Washington, 5th November: The White House is in the throes of despair, it is still not clear who might win the elections, so now there is a gap of six votes between the rivals.

According to US media reports, Joe Biden’s election victory was followed by frustration at President Donald Trump’s election campaign.

The Trump campaign manager said voting irregularities were observed in several Wisconsin counties. However, a Wisconsin election official has denied allegations of fraud.

According to US media reports, in the 2008 presidential election, President Barack Obama received 69 million votes, while Biden received more than 70 million votes. 

In the 59th presidential election in the United States, Democratic candidate Joe Biden received a total of 264 electoral votes, while Donald Trump received 214 electoral votes.

Biden needs 6 more votes to win, while results from 5 states are still awaited. Meanwhile, US political observers say that even if Trump gets all the electoral votes from the swing states, he will still get a total of 268 electoral votes.

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