Who is Responsible for making Pakistan a Modern Islamic State?

Imran Khan's government enforcing the "implementable" concept claims, Mian Haroon Masood

To make Pakistan the modern Islamic welfare state (miws) is our governments priority. The ideals of a miws are upheld much in accordance with the true concept of riasat e medina, all efforts are afoot. The much awaited concept is implementable and now being enforced since Imran Khan’s accession to the power.

The gulf between the lofty ideals and the mundane realities is far too large still but not an unwinnable situation. At least the will is there. The creation of our homeland also rests on the principle of equality. The holding of today’s conference on minorities is reminder of the very quotes of our Quaid.

No discriminatory treatment should be accorded to the citizens on the basis of colour cast and creed. The earlier history bears testimony to the fact that our forebears at a certain point and time were a signatory to the basic covenant which read that all chapels or cathedrals built thereof will not be desecrated or vandalized in a Muslim riasat.

We should show empathy also towards those misplaced souls who find themselves at the mercy of humble circumstances. Say for instance we have 3 million Afghan refugees being treated as our very own. No questions being asked. On the contrary the world seems to be shrinking for the displaced souls with more stricter rules coming into play making virtually impossible for them to have a sigh of relief. About time for world leaders to reevaluate their strategies.

The Dublin agreement says that any person crossing over into your territory bound to be taken in. No doubt there is and should be a distinct difference between a migrant, an escapee, immigrant or for that matter someone who makes his way in and has fled persecution.

Quite a few are dying these days, the rickety ships of the smugglers capsizing every now and then. It is heard after Trumps’ crushing might on Mexicans the smugglers are rolling in riches. We have a fair share of such foreign affectees who made their way into Pakistan in the wake of Afghan war. In a modern Islamic welfare state all minorities are to be considered equal. We have numerous examples how our Prophet (PBUH) accorded respect to delegations which came and met our holy prophet PBUH from far off places. From amongst many the Christians came and saw our dear holy Prophet.

To show respect to them he would lay the mat himself to greet and welcome them. Is there any room for any discriminatory attitude after what our Prophet has shown to ummah and proved it by his own personal conduct.

A Christian poor person was once given charity by the Prophet from the bait ul maal. This went on perpetually. Allah is rabull ala meen and not rabulmusalmeen. Our prophet PBUH his humanistic endeavours are unparalleled. Two men hurling stones at him were found guilty of this inhumane acts but when asked the prophet said they may be pardoned. He was extremely passionate about the poor. Such was our holy Prophets’ attitude towards commoners.

Safeguarding the rights of minorities seems to be one of the major priorities Imran Khan has on his agenda. The greatest of all the achievements is to open a Kartarpur corridor for the Sikhs. No body ever thought before.

There is certainly more that we need to do. It is a rarity to see any of our puppets or clergy emphasizing the need to be creating for this sort of congeniality.

Prophet says I shall not stand by any wrong doer who is perceived to be someone who tried to overlook, come look down upon, any such person and snatch the right from them to live. In the words of Maulana Tariq Jameel:

Life is never easy

One must fight to make it so 

Often times by praying, other times with patience,

Sometimes by forgiving, other times by ignoring.


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