Who will be the Next SuperPower? Mubasher Lucman


Lahore, 16th April: After the pandemic swept the whole world with its disaster, Mubasher Lucman on his latest video, informs us about the New-World Order that will take place soon.

According to the recent video on his Official YouTube Channel, he has hinted that recent pandemic is proving havoc and more than 624,000 people have been infected and 28,000 plus have died so far.

The other most dangerous effect of this deadly disease is on world economy which has been adversely affected until now 32% of the dent has been afflicted on the global trade. It seems highly unlikely that even if the lockdown is abolished from the next month to trigger the economic cycle and recovery of the deficit is impossible.

The future after this is tougher as the unemployment rates will go sky rock. The WHO foresees a worldwide food crunch and riot are expected by food. People will fight over food and law and order situation will be worse.

IMF and World Bank are considering options to ease out poor and underdeveloped countries but the major problem is most of the developed countries are hit by this pandemic and are not in a position to participate.

Even if the pandemic is controlled immediately the globalization is under threat. Trade and the American banking system seem to be totally failed. A conspiracy theory about setting up of new world order is much in discussion but with its headquarters shifted from America to China.

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Modalities of substituting man with the machine have been successfully tested in ongoing lockdown where countries like China, Singapore, North Korea have been delivering food and medicine through robots.

It is not a far fetched idea that technological advancement would further eliminate human labour and replaced by Artificial intelligence robots.

China is showing its dominance in every sphere like the economic corridor with Pakistan involving Russia and central Asian states.

Medical supplies are being shipped throughout the world by China may it be Africa where Alibaba has announced free delivery of medical supplies to Brazil and other southern American states so much so Spain and Italy.

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Life is going to change after this pandemic may it be health, education on commerce. The traditional method is eroding, students are taking online courses, groceries are done on a click. No physical transaction of currency is required, bar codes are the next means of transactions and the whole system is trialled and test in Korea and China.

IMF and World Bank are tilting towards China to fulfil the vacuum being generated by the depleting financial system. Whereas China seems to have all the answers to such problems.

Fact remains that America would be a rich and powerful country but its solo superpower status will be compromised now. China seems to be the most suitable candidate to share the throne. Let’s see how this stroy unfolds in the coming days?

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