Why didn’t Pakistan get off the UK red list?

London: The reasons behind Pakistan’s continued red list in the updated travel list by the UK have come to light.

Details of a letter written by British Health Minister Lord James Bethnal to MP Yasmeen Qureshi have been obtained.

In a letter to Yasmeen Qureshi, Lord Bethanel said that the prevalence of corona in Pakistan is probably higher than the reported cases, while the rate of testing and sequencing rates in Pakistan is much lower.

According to Health Minister Lord James Bethanel, the Delta virus is spreading rapidly in Pakistan, which will help Pakistan increase its capacity for genomic screening.

Lord Bethnal added in his letter that the decision on the travel list is made by the Joint Biosecurity Center.

The letter also said that they appreciate Pakistan’s efforts against the epidemic and will continue to work together.

It may be recalled that recently the travel list has been updated by the UK according to which Pakistan is still in the red list while Ireland has removed Pakistan from the travel red list.

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