Why do we fail to mend our habits in Ramzan? First social media transmission ‘Rehmat he Rehmat’ enters 3rd day

Ramadan is the month of heightened Allah-consciousness, of attaining taqwa (piety), of training ourselves to be the best we can be; a month to initiate improvement of reputation, character and for the cultivation of good habits.

Mubashar Lucman official youtube channel has brought a special Ramzan transmission for its viewers. With the hope of encouraging the virtues of patience and sensitivity towards others, the special Ramazan transmission features a number of renowned scholars.

The show focuses more on educating the viewers about Islamic teachings, promoting the culture of peace and brotherhood within the country and internationally.

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The concept of transmission is loved by the audience and there have been praises pouring in from every direction.

The first social media Ramzan transmission has entered its third day. Mubasher Lucman’s Ramzan transmission is being aired on YouTube channel in collaboration with Q-Mobile.

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