Why Do We See What We See?

In an otherwise hot and humid country the temperatures seem to rise politically as well. At the heart of the post budget milieu comes the arrest of Rana Sanaullah. It definitely sent ripples through the cadres of the political landscape across the divide. Something which we have waited for such a long time. The clandestine operations of haughty Rana have gone on unhindered. We have to lend credence to our security agencies. Rana with his boorish looks could not really endear himself with the public except a certain no of people who surely seem to have their own axes to grind. A senior authority from ANF who happens to be of a brigadier level threw light on his arrest. He is privy to all ensuing circumstances that led to his arrest.

A country which is torn by violence can’t really afford such treasonous acts at the hands of our so called leaders.

We as a country are at the cross roads for now being able to recreate and redesign a road map for our successive generations.

This is our country. No one is dying out here for want of food or money. I am sure the road to a desirable utopian govt. is not that smooth yet a path which can’t be termed as directionless. We have for us the examples of Venezuelans, the people from Cuba Honduras who are risking their lives marching on from their countries barefooted to come into Mexico to enter into America. They all are denied access into the land of the pure and home of the brave. They are then put into the detention centers now commonly being referred to as the concentration camps of the Germans during the world War 2. So, by comparison we are not as bad as people from other parts of the world unfortunately. So hold your horses. We can see light towards the end of the tunnel.


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  1. Imran says

    Let’s just hope it’s the true light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Imran Mir says

    Briefly, aptly addressed present day scenario ! Compact and clear ! ??

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