Why is #ArrestSheikhRasheed trending?


Lahore, 27th October: Arrest Sheikh Rashid is trending on Twitter.

The hashtag of arresting Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the minister of railways, is trending on a Twitter panel as of today in Pakistan. #ArrestSheikhRashid is trending number two on Twitter and 6,060 tweets have been made on it as of now.

This trend started after the second series of blast took place in a madrassa in Peshawar today. The first one being carried out in Quetta on Sunday. People are condemning the Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid for the tragedy and called for the arrest and investigation of the federal minister using the Twitter platform.

It should be noted that Sheikh Rashid had said in his message regarding the PDM meetings that I had told not to hold meetings, there could be a crackdown, corona could spread, and there is a threat of terrorism also.

He said that I pray for Quetta and Peshawar. Following this statement of Sheikh Rashid, the trend of arresting him has started.

A Twitter user raised a question and said that a big question mark is how the Railway Minister was aware instead of the Home Minister ???

A user named Majid wrote that a few days ago, Sheikh Rashid, a special man of Prime Minister Imran Khan while interpreting the terrorists, said that there could be explosions in Quetta and Peshawar. The same thing has happened today. We condemn the Pashtuns.

A user named Mubeen Noor Ali questioned the concerned authorities saying that since the most intelligent man, Sheikh Rashid, the Railway Minister who interferes in every political matter, already knew about the threats in Quetta and Peshawar then why haven’t the concerned authorities already taken the relevant steps?

It should be noted that 7 people were martyred and 100 injured in an explosion in a mosque adjacent to a madrassa in Dir Colony Zargarabad area of ​​Peshawar. The injured were shifted to hospital. The condition of several of the injured is critical. Hospitals have declared an emergency and doctors’ leave has been cancelled.

It may be recalled that two days earlier, an explosion also took place in Quetta causing considerable loss of life and property.

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