Why is corruption a deep-seated curse?

Many in the country are directly or indirectly involved in corruption. Some people want to get rich overnight, while others pay brides to get their work done.

The people and the government need to work together to solve this problem. Moreover, people must expose the corrupt officials, and the government should tighten its grip over the corrupt.

Unfortunately, corruption in Pakistan is widespread. It extends to every sector from the government to the judiciary. Corruption is everywhere from police to health services. Even the education sector is not free from its shackles.

The current government of Pakistan, led by PM Imran Khan has vowed to uproot corruption from all sectors. They have promised to build a Welfare State on the principle of Riyasat e Medina. Although the idea has been enshrined by the recent government and there is much success on the practical ground. Corruption is a curse that has deep roots in our society. 

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