Why is Ireland the most anti-Israel country in Europe?

Why is Ireland the most anti-Israel country in Europe?

Lahore, 15th May: Ireland, the most friendly state in Europe, is the most pro-Palestine country in the European Union (EU).

According to reports, it took 45 years for Ireland to allow UN-recognized Israel to open its embassy in Dublin, yet the Palestinians have their’s before they were even recognized by the United Nations (UN).

Some call it the most anti-Israel country in Europe. Here’s why:

Reason No 1: Ireland has banned all the Israeli products in its region

In 2018, an Irish Senator introduced the Occupied Territories Bill, according to which the sale of goods from Israel’s illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank will be banned. Fines of $ 284,000 will be imposed or a sentence of five years in jail would be served to those selling any goods or services originating from Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, or the West Bank illegal settlements.

However, as of 2021, the bill has not reached the final stage of becoming law.

Reason No 2: Dublin City Council raised the Palestinian flag

To mark 50 years of Israeli occupation in Palestine, in 2017, Dublin City Councilors voted by a two-thirds majority to fly a Palestinian flag over Dublin City Hall for an entire month. Despite the criticism and complaints by the Israeli ambassador to Ireland.

Reason No 3: Ireland funds humanitarian funds in Gaza

Ireland is funding multiple developmental and humanitarian projects in the Gaza strip, where over 2 million Palestinians are sieged, which may be considered the largest ‘open-air prison’ in the world. These projects are desalination, solar energy projects, and even hospitals. The Irish Foreign Ministry has made trips to Gaza to follow up on the implementation of these projects.

Reason No 4: Most Irish people are pro-Palestinian

Ireland is a vocal supporter of Palestine cause and the country’s own experience with British Colonialism helped foster this solidarity, In 2004, an NGO submitted a petition to the government signed by 12,000 members of the public and 52 politicians calling for the boycott. The Irish people’s bloody struggle to achieve independence from British rule has expired an emotional connection to the Palestinian struggle.

The Irish stand firmly with the Palestinians against the Israeli occupation and fully support their cause.

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