Why is Jahangir Tareen accountable only? Mehboob Aslam

Lahore, 7th April: An ex-PTI member, Mehboob Aslam has penned down an analysis of the recent situation regarding the shortage of sugar in the country and the scandal around it.

According to him, in the presence of a Prime Minister, who is the head of the state and the Chief Minister, head of the cabinet, how come the whole blame be put on Jahangir Tareen?

The question is really worth pointing out that when all these thieves in the federal cabinet and the provincial cabinet were creating a sugar and flour crisis and subsidies and import policies were approved, then where were the prime minister and the chief minister of Punjab?

It is clear that there may be two reasons: either they were disqualified to carry out their task or were involved in corruption.

Dirty politics: Sugar mafia threatens govt against legal action

Since I have at least a little experience working with the Prime Minister, I think there are two reasons, one being his utter incompetency and the other is his track record of being the leader of the thieves. If you do not believe, then ask Justice Wajihuddin.

On the other hand, the whole debris is being dropped on Jahangir Tareen, the reason is that Imran Khan is done with him and he no longer needs his services. This is an old habit of the PM when any of his party members are no longer required they are dumped by him.

As far as the credit for publishing the report is concerned, the report was leaked to the media earlier, then there was no option but to go ahead and accept it otherwise. If Imran Khan was serious in nipping the corruption, then he would not only shuffle his ministries rather punish them as done with changing the ministry of Khusro Bakhtiyar and removing Seth Dawood Razzaq.

As far as Monas Elahi is concerned, he is beloved of the power club. Ch. Shujat Hussain has famous proverb “CHADU GEE MITTI PAU” meaning” leave it and let’s proceed”.

Jahangir Tareen refutes the reports submitted by the committee

The matter is not as simple as it appears to be no matter the parliament cabinet is powerful but the fact remains that Prime minister heads the cabinet. The ultimate responsibility rests with the PM. But it seems the matter will be hushed down.

The simple public is not at fault for thinking and hoping that Imran will soon announce resignation. As he has been the one trumping praise and informing all that in the west the Prime Ministers resign if any of the cabinet members are found guilty of any corrupt practice.

But sir … where is this fate of our nation? Where is an Islamic Democratic State and the State of Madinah and Where Are Those Pagan Western Countries?

But alas such an act of courage like putting up a resignation is a far fetched idea from such a commander and Prime minister.

No Mafia can take advantage amid the crisis: PM



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