Why is there a rising trend of buying arms and weapons?

Washington, 2nd November: People in Michigan are buying guns in fear of post-election civil unrest in the country.

Baaghi TV reports that before the US election, the American people have started buying a large number of weapons to prevent unrest.

Sales of arms and weapons are on the rise in Michigan. According to the foreign news agency, a tough contest is expected between US President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden in the US state of Pennsylvania.

The shop owners say that the orders for arms and weapons are on the rise and more than half of them have been sold. The reason being reported as the instability and the US election.

The shop owners claim that people are calling in abundance and asking for the pre-booking of arms and weapons.

One shopkeeper said that even before the arms shops open, people come in cars and demand arms.

Analysts say that the people of the United States are insecure as it is speculated that there will be unrest after the election. Hence, the American people are afraid and are buying weapons for protection.

The final Election day is tomorrow, the 3rd of November. There is a tough competition between Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden.


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