Why Joaquin Phoenix Kept a Distance from the ‘Joker’ Controversies?

LOS ANGELES (16th Nov, 2019): Warner Bros. Joker has become the highest grossing film in the R-Rated films category. The Todd Phillips directorial has been shattering the box office left and right.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the Joaquin Phoenix starrer has hit the 1 billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office on Saturday. There is no doubt to say that Joker is the most discussed film of the year. Joker has received praise from all over the world. At Venice Film Festival premiere, the film received an eight minute standing ovation.

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On the other hand, the Joaquin Phoenix starrer got a lot flak from people who strongly believed that the film may give rise to violence. Yes, it’s true, even before the film released on the big screen, a lot of people spoke about the film and how it should not be release to make sure that the film does not instigate any violence.

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Reportedly, the film’s story line tracks the life of Arthur Fleck’s from being an aspiring stand-up comic to turning violent. Finally, Joaquin Phoenix has now revealed why he kept a distance from all the controversies that struck the film in recent months.

During an interview with Los Angeles Times, Joaquin Phoenix admitted that he had to stay away from commenting on the controversies of the film as that could lead some unwanted incidents.


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