Why Theresa May Resigned when she could Rule


Ah! I hear the obvious, outcome of efforts of rebellious Tori MP’s for ousting their Prime Minister Theresa May. The Conservative party  along with opposition,  who collectively rejected the “WAB “the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and voting on what kind of relationship Britain would have with its neighbors after Brexit.

If Theresa had consulted our political leaders the second Tori  female Prime Minister of Great Britain would still be ruling with happy ever after Brexit.

As a die-hard supporter of women empowerment I felt the itch of second elected woman Prime Minister of Great Britain failing to implement Brexit that was the choice of British population in the 2016 referendum, where they opted out of European Union.

How immature of her for not being able to control her own MPs. If she had studied the Pakistani style of politics especially in changing the opinion of MPs from ruling as well as opposition parties, she may have survived and thrived as a Prime Minister.

She should have done few things:-

Firstly, her government officials should have collected all the rebellious MPs and taken them to a resort like “Changa Manga” in the UK. She should have provided them the finest wine and dine with entertainment to refresh their minds towards her way of Brexit. She should have restricted their movement to and from the House of Commons, so the change of opinion with the refreshed mind may not get polluted with the view from the other side. After all it takes time to sink in the new ideas.

Simultaneously she should have allotted government owned assets and land to these MPs for supporting her Bill. Oh don’t get me wrong it’s not a bribery, we in Pakistan call it development work in their constituencies, or outside the constituencies. After all, the common voted for them to do this important task of development activity in the country. This is the most important activity of our parliament along side making legislature. So yeah, promote the development work among these MPs.

A  a much better option was to take them for a government sponsored Bahama’s or Bali trip with their friends and families so they could collaborate and debate on May’s bill in a pleasant and home like environment. Afterall it’s only to implement the Brexit inline with the voter’s choice.

For more rigid and God fearing  MPs a religious tour package with friends and families, where according to their faith they would have connected with God and prayed for the successful Brexit.

Last but not least if there are any government jobs up for grab, if so, May  would have  saved the hassle and cost of contacting recruiters to fill the positions instead she would have  asked her MPs to distributes these jobs to the highly skilled friends and families and kill two bird with one stone.

She always had a thin majority of few and she couldn’t breakaway fraction of Labour Liberal Democratic and Scottish National Parties members to vote against various pieces of legislation.

May goes and leaves a mess. Her replacement contest will begin and TORI members’ parliament will need to come up with at least 2 names and the leader would be elected through party member. The race started with 11 names, yes 11 names and it’s a crowd. In coming days the party members of 124k will vote to choose the next Prime Minister of 65M. How IRRATIONAL AND COMPLICATED?

The colonial kings of yesterday need to look at their former colony the Indo/Pak where there is no complication of party elections or a long list of common contenders from the ordinary public. We have “Next of Kin” system. If Father or mother rules the next leader is either their son or daughter. No complexity of party elections, long list of contenders and the risk of unknown.

If only Theresa May had implemented our political system, Brexit would have been successful and she would still the Prime Minister.




Disclaimer: This remains solely the writers’ personal point of view and the publisher takes no responsibility of conflict of opinion.
The writer is Ex-Corporate Banker, Economist, business and Sociopolitical writer and an entrepreneur. She can be reached at lubna.bhayat@hotmail.com
Twitter: Lubzbhayat

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