Why was a Bollywood clip taken down from PM’s social media account?

Lahore, 21st April: Prime Minister Imran Khan operates his social media account on Twitter himself.

The news was shared on Wednesday by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s focal person on digital media, Dr Arslan Khalid to BBC Urdu.

Dr Khalid informed that he premier posts his tweets himself on Twitter, however, on his Instagram account, some posts are shared by PM Khan himself while others are published on his team o his behalf.

The focal person’s clarification comes after a clip from a Bollywood movie got shared on the premier’s Instagram account on Tuesday, which was later removed.

The video was captioned, “It is what has been planned against the PTI govt from day one by the corrupt mafias”.

The clip was taken from the Bollywood movie ‘Inquilaab’ from 1984, which showed a scene from a meeting by the members of a political party making out a plan to destabilize the government.

Khalid said that the clip was posted by a team member as the scenes in the video depicted the current situation and the unrest of the Opposition. But was soon taken down after the quality control check took place.

Watch the original clip from Amitabh Bachchan’s movie Inquilab:

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