Will Mahira Khan’s next film be with Tom Cruise?

Will Mahira Khan's next film be with Tom Cruise?

Superstar Mahira Khan’s response to a question about working with Hollywood real action hero Tom Cruise has gone viral.

A video of Mahira Khan is going viral on social media in which her fans talk about her marriage, nose surgery, favorite star and body shaming as well as some speculations about her Hollywood debut. Of

One user speculated about the actress saying that you have signed a movie with Tom Cruise.

Regarding this speculation, Mahira Khan replied, “Tom Mai Lobhat, I’m sorry that this thing was leaked. I was trying to keep it a secret for a long time, but now I can’t do it. I hope you are excited and I I’m sure your team has leaked this, but I’ll see you soon.

It seems that Mahira Khan said this in jest instead of fact but no confirmation or denial was given by Mahira in this regard.

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