Will Meghan Markle make her Hollywood comeback?

3rd July 2020: Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been the talk of the town after announcing her exit from the royal family.

People are now speculating Meghan to return to her Hollywood career after abandoning her royal duties. ‘Suits’ fans have been rooting for Markle to taking her role as Rachel Zane in a spin-off show ever since she resigned from the royal family earlier this year.

Although the Duchess has made no comment on taking up her Hollywood career, Markle did make a comeback with a starring voice-over role in Disney Plus’ “Elephant” in April.

Now that the Sussexes are residing in Los Angeles and are financially independent, Markle has more freedom to take up her acting career.

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As per reports from the Insider, experts say that Markle would be welcomed back to the industry, but she’ll likely take on completely different projects than she did before she was a royal.

Duchess of Sussex, instead of choosing the acting career may prefer to go for different projects this time.


According to Insider citing royal experts, the former Suits actor’s Disney+ gig with Elephant’ back in April may have set the ground on what she would look to be a part of after her royal chapter’s end.

An award-winning casting director and former head of Disney’s animation casting Jen Rudin says Markle would be the ideal candidate for voice-over roles.

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“Voice acting is a very different market, and right now during the pandemic it’s very lucrative because we can do it from home with our microphones,” Rudin, author of “Confessions of a Casting Director,” told Insider.

“It allows so much flexibility. You don’t have to go to the movie set for six weeks, you don’t have to be on set all day waiting for them to get ready to film your scene.”

Rudin suggested that if Meghan doesn’t want to take on a starring role, she can opt for cameos, guest roles, and one-day recordings.

A royal commentator and senior reporter at HuffPost, Carly Ledbetter told the publication: “I don’t see Meghan jumping back into the same acting roles she had before joining the royal family.”

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“I picture her securing an overall deal with Netflix, like the Obamas, or perhaps a first-look agreement with Apple TV Plus, as Prince Harry already has a series in the works there with Oprah,” Ledbetter added.

“Though a lot of ‘Suits’ fans would certainly be excited to see Meghan back on TV or in the movies, I envision her creating and reconnecting with audiences in a new way.”

“Perhaps through something like a speaking tour, a mental wellness podcast, or a televised event with various activists. All done in partnership, of course, with the couple’s new non-profit when it launches,” she said.

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E! News chief correspondent Melanie Bromley said the only way Meghan would take up a fictional role is if there is an ‘educational element’ to the part.

“She has a breadth of experience both from her life before she met Harry and in her life, since she married into the British royal family,” she said.

“She is incredibly knowledgeable on a ton of different topics that really matter and people want to hear from her. Her opinion matters and it carries a lot of weight,” she added.

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“However, as far as pursuing work in the regular movie-making world or as a fictional character on TV, unless there is an educational element to it, I cannot see that happening in the near future at all.”

The general consensus is that Meghan wouldn’t return to acting career unless it is for some educational or charitable purposes. However, the former actress could easily return to the big screen, the question remains to be answered is if she would?

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