Will mobile service be suspended on 9th or 10th Muharram?

Will mobile service be suspended on 9th or 10th Muharram?

During Muharram, a special meeting was held at the Ministry of Interior regarding law and order.

Federal Minister for Home Affairs Sheikh Rashid Ahmed presided over the special meeting, which was also attended by representatives of law enforcement agencies and the Federal Secretary of Home Affairs. A special cell was set up in the Ministry of Home Affairs to continuously review the law and order situation in the meeting.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that the special cell would be operational 24 hours during Ashura. Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed directed law enforcement agencies to maintain high-security alerts during Muharram.

Law and order should be ensured in all cases. Mobile phone service should be suspended during Ashura only as required. The lives and property of the people should be taken care of. Security measures should not be allowed to disturb the people. The federal government will ensure all technical and other support for law and order in the provinces.

The Home Secretary said that Civil Armed Forces have been deployed to assist the administration in maintaining law and order and law enforcement agencies have taken special measures for the security of sensitive areas.

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