Will schools be closed indefinitely? An important message for parents

According to a report by Baaghi TV, Chairman Students Parents Federation of Pakistan Nadeem Mirza has said that the schools will be closed indefinitely in the same month.

Nadeem Mirza said that many schools have closed after receiving  fees. Online education is a drama, if online education was possible then why do students go abroad? For three months the schools were opened to receive fees. The government, under pressure from private school owners, reopened the schools for a short period.

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Nadeem Mirza said that the education ministers who received trillions of rupees in fees risked the lives of tens of thousands of children, parents and teachers. The government has demanded teachers’ salaries from private school owners, the fees collected from parents should be considered as next year’s fees, and if any school removes the name of any child from the school, we will take legal action.

At present, in view of the growing threat of coronavirus cases in the country, it has been decided to close down schools on an emergency basis.

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According to sources, consultations in this regard had been going on for the last two days. On the other hand, the World Health Organization had also pointed out that the incidence of coronavirus transmission from Pakistani schools has increased.

After the meeting the day before yesterday, the Ministry of Education forwarded the proposals for educational institutions to the provinces. According to sources, the educational institutions should be closed from November 24th to January 31st as per the proposal made in this regard.

The second proposal in this regard was to close primary schools from November 24th. It has also been said that middle schools should be closed from December 2nd. At the same time, it was said that from December 15th, children of higher secondary schools should be barred from coming to the institutions.

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Teachers and medical experts, on the other hand, say the government’s decision is intended to leave teachers at the mercy of Corona. Authorities are pushing for teachers to be called to educational institutions, saying that teachers should be called in to prepare for online education.

It is also learned that the Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Conference will be held on November 23rd in this regard. The province will make suggestions, and based on the holiday homework schedule, the report will be submitted to the provincial government.

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