With his new track ‘Abyss’, Jin shows a deeper side of him

4th December 2020: Famous Korean singer Jin from the band BTS has released a new song ‘Abyss’ just before his birthday.

According to reports, BTS’s band member Jin recently released a new song titled ‘Abyss’ and ARMYs are rallying around to support the new hit.

International media reports that the song was released merely two hours before his birthday but contains a more solitary and dreary aura, one drastically different from his usual upbeat tempo.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter has always been reserved regarding his personal struggles and has always aimed to portray a carefree image for this ARMYs, but, with this song, he aims to showcase a deeper side of himself.

Listen to the song here:


‘Abyss’ deals with a number of issues that might click with a number of listeners from burning out, to feeling inadequate.

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