Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan is a Huge Mistake: George W. Bush

Washington: Former US President George W. Bush has said that the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is a huge mistake by US. Afghan Taliban will retreat to Washington.

According to reports, former US President George W. Bush criticized the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, saying that civilians has been left for the Taliban’s ‘massacre’.

“Lara Bush and I have spent a lot of time with Afghan women and they are very scared,” former US President George W. Bush told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

“I think that not only the US military but also all those who support NATO forces and all the spokespersons feel that they have been left to be killed by very cruel people and that has broken my heart,” he said.

When George Bush was questioned if he feels that withdrawing troops from Afghanistan is a mistake, he said, “Yes, I think so.” The US government will have to bear the brunt of this mistake and then the Afghan Taliban will follow the Americans to Washington.

The former Republican president, who sent US troops to Afghanistan in 2001 after the worst attacks on New York and the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel also thinks that US had a made a huge mistake of taking this step.

Bush said Merkel had “given a very important position a class and respect and made tough decisions.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel will retire from politics later this year after 16 years in power.

It should be noted that US and NATO forces began withdrawing from Afghanistan in early May this year and will withdraw completely by September 11 after living in the war-torn country for 20 years.

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