Women of Substance

From amongst the forward looking women in the international arena, miss Ursula Lenne of Germany fills in the top job making it narrowly to become the first ever President of the European Commission only to replace Claude Junker who remained the President till the expiration of his term.

Miss Christine Legarde on the other hand gives up her position as the head of the IMF and is handpicked to dispense her obligation as the president of the central bank of the European Union. Another exalted position which looks after the monetary policy and financial matters of the Eurozone.

Theresa May, the outgoing Prime Minister of Britain is only the second Prime Minister of Britain in the parliamentary history of United Kingdom. But she hopes that she lay a tradition for the most aspiring young woman leaders of today’s competitive world to be filling her shoes in the times to come.

Angela Merkel is another strong lady who has weathered a storm more than once to command victory respect and glory.

Diana, the Princess of Wales was a member of the royal family and the most adorable of all. The vicissitudes in her life are reflective of the pain and anguish that she went through. As a person she touched the hearts of millions around the globe and her love for humanity brought her even closer to the world. She believed in carrying out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward which is safe in the knowledge that someone might do the same for you.

The ladies of the bygone era, Ms. Fatima Jinnah, Begum Rana Liaqat Ali, Ms. Viqar un Nissa are those who contributed to this country and stood the test of time.

Our women of today are in any way the Women of substance?

Jacinda Ardern the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Who made head lines globally when that barbarous act of Christchurch killings took place. She has been an incredibly amazing woman. A combination of compassion and decency. The world then saw how she responded with absolute grace, honour and dignity. A food for thought for all her contemporaries, was that she experienced enough to handle such grave matters of this scale or was she groomed from her childhood to be both a great human being and a greater leader that the world has witnessed not very long ago.

Late Benazir Bhutto the daughter of the East is surely missed in this day and age. The only world leader who gave away her life to uphold the very principles of democracy. May God bless her soul.

More names come to mind, come to think of great ladies, the women of value and substance. Maleeha Moshi is one such woman. A major General and a top diplomat. Twice the ambassador to the US for Pakistan, known for her stellar qualities. Amongst those Pakistani who matter are Ms. Nishat, Ms. Chinoy and still many who are putting their heart and soul in to their works are worth mentioning and remembering for. We see a sizeable number of females opting for the civil superior services burning the midnight oil twenty four seven. Some are doing better jobs than the men. For instance, in our city we see a lady officer who came lately to serve as a revenue head but she is currently wearing five caps on her head. It is only a matter of doing the right thing in the right manner. She is delivering.

What about the ladies from the political landscape? I am sorry they still have to come to that level where their performance can be matched by their other counterparts from outside. Or we could see them out
maneuvering the others by dint of their professional skills. I have no animosity with them. Its my wish. But truly we need to improve upon our standards. I wish more women could take a plunge and acquire better positions home and abroad. Learning is essential. But in politics more than any thing else, one is required to stand taller and walk straighter. Certainly our women could be the best.

The moral ground is perhaps the one which takes precedence on all other traits. I am sure they become cognizant of this factual truth.


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