Women’s safety a concern on social media

Social media activists, social activists, and blogger Amalqa Haider have been subjected to derogatory language by users on social media.

Baaghi TV: Blogger Amalqa Haider recently shared a screenshot on the social networking site Twitter in which vulgar language was used against her.Amalqa challenged,”Open your ears and listen to one thing  that if something is annoying you from my account or from me, I am blocking all of you, and put on as much as you can, and speak as much  filth as you can, but the end will be very bad for you guys.

However, several social media users expressed solidarity with the Amalqa and called for action against the abusers on social media until the hashtag #IStandwithAmalqaHaider became a trend on Twitter.

Amalqa Haider, while tagging Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, asked that the women of Mana do not wear proper clothes and do not wear veils, which causes them to face harassment, but explain why they are harassed on social media.

Amalqa says that she has contacted cybercrime in this regard.

One user said that he strongly condemned the language used for Amalqa. If you do not agree with someone’s opinion, you can express your opinion instead of abusing it and with moral values.

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