World Economies and role of WB, IMF, UN

Lahore: A.O.A 2020 was hard for every colonized community. We are bound to our homes, buildings, apartments but still the war of economies purge to its full, with the surge rise in cases of COVID-19 every country either in American, European or Asian pacific are calling for help from World Bank (WB), International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The states most importantly Kashmir and Palestine are at war with terror and seek freedom.

United Nations (UN) was established under the moto “Only One Earth” and now it seem after few decades we want refuge in space. Humanity in governing bodies cares about the freedom of speech to the richer ones and count poor nations or colonized states as play-land or experimental labs. WB and IMF are two major economic controlling bodies for the world. WB and IMF Governor’s are not elected but appointed by those who bring profit for them and could have had beloved profits as if, President is from America and Vice President from Europe.

We are living in border mediated territories except America which still walks on the old way of governing. Rich Colony is getting richer with the help of WB & IMF and poor states are under dep’t influenced to become silent with imposing laws and regulation. Governors want to impose those through international help. G7 directs UN, WB and IMF for playing monopoly with humans life through out the globe & Kashmir is an example.

Inequality is prevailing Equality in this 21st century of so called Technology. A Black dies in America & world is at stake for whites and when thousands of Pakistani’s died in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd regime war of Afghanistan. WB, IMF was still funding those who damaged Earth. After the mess Americans created around Pakistan to acquire previously destroyed Afghani territories is nearly at end leaving world to realize the Power of ALLAH-O-AKBAR vs super powers of west and super economies. UN moto should be updated to “Keep Equality to Only One Earth”.

This way of governing earth through WB, IMF, UN should be on Equality and above all individual communities profit.

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