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Portugal: According to reports of Baaghi TV, the world famous player announced to marry his step sister. Moto GP star Miguel Oliveira is engaged to his step-sister. The two accepted each other as spouses after 11 years of friendship.

According to the details, world famous Moto GP star Miguel Oliveira from Portugal has announced that he has got engaged to his step sister. Miguel Oliveira and Andrea Pemina have been friends for the past 11 years. Oliveira and Andrea Pemina became friends in childhood. Now, after 11 long years together, they have decided to get married.

Racer Miguel Oliveira says he and his fiance Andrea Pemina have been together since childhood.

The two have always been close. Miguel said, “We were best friends before we fell in love with each other, and then gradually that friendship turned into love.”

Miguel Oliveira says her fiance and he had decided to tie the knot later this year. However, they have a race schedule this year, so now the two will get married next year. Miguel Oliveira’s father reacted by saying he had no objection to his children’s decision.

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