World Mobile will change the lives of Pakistanis: Mubasher Lucman

World Mobile (WM) is about to become the heartbeat of the world, including Pakistan claimed senior Pakistani investigative journalist Mubasher Lucman, while unveiling the merits of this new masterpiece of modern technology, in his latest video on Mubasher Lucman Official YouTube channel.

In this regard, he believes that before this latest technology makes its mark in Pakistan, we should learn and understand what it truly is. It is pertinent to note that the senior journalist is known for keeping abreast of political, economic, and defense issues including modern sciences.

Mubasher Lucman started off by discussing that when we talk about crypto-currency there is always a mention of bitcoin or Cardano. However, we will focus on World Mobile because Cardano, which is blockchain technology, has already managed to establish itself as one of the most trusted applications in the real world, meanwhile, World Mobile is an upcoming program.

Lucman continued to add that as per his knowledge, this latest technology will prove to not only be a game-changer but also a life-changer for its consumers given the state of things because it will provide a greater digital distribution. This distribution he added will be not on the basis of availability or non-availability rather it will be judged on the merit of quality services it provides to its consumers.

In lieu of this, Lucman stated that in societies like our own, we do not view the internet as an “opening of the door to economic growth” which should be for all on the basis of need rather we see it as something of a commodity – controlled by financial motives.

The senior journalist went on to mention that while there is no need to promote Cardano further due to its existent recognition; he is, however, advocating World Mobile (WM) and the flurry of the opportunity it may provide.

This begs the question, what is World Mobile and what is their aim in all of this?

What is World Mobile’s Aim?

According to Mubasher Lucman, WM intends to connect people on the basis of their individual rights. It is an activator that is actively using the Cardano Blockchain technology to connect different areas to broadband services where commercial functioning may vary from that of the internet. Mubasher Lucman stressed that given the cost required in service provision, service operators are generally hesitant which leads to a shortage of supply.

This is where WM comes in. Based on his research, Mubasher Lucman believes that using Cardano’s physical technical platform WM will shape their product in a way that will be mutually beneficial for the operator and the consumer. He added that it will not be done in a manner of charity or subsidy rather as a win-win for all as it is a technical solution where “ownership” is accounted for.

Moreover, through WM, the value chain is made simple and easily comprehensible allowing for the consumers a globally distributed digital ID with a full-featured wallet for service management and other applications.

In addition to this, the local service provider will be empowered to ensure affordable broadband access for its users including access to a tech-neutral interface which may even be an air node. Lucman stressed that the provision of affordable broadband will allow for a greater chance to move forward with a marked difference. By joining this structure, local players would open up to the possibility of earning more money, claimed Mubasher Lucman. He added that in this way, “the consumer is able to participate in the digital ecosystem in business, education, health platforms.”

Elaborating on the merits of WM, Lucman said that any activity arising from it would benefit the local player, not harm the existing external structure. Since the operator invests to provide communication. While, in most cases, the principle of shared economy is completely ignored by other layers of materials and services that thrive simply because the operator has invested.

Moreover, such a roll-out of services could help to benefit all stakeholders involved.

How are the two domains different?

First of all, the WM team is made up of people who have always identified the best opportunities where traditional business structures have failed to deliver. The founders include those who led VoIP deployments around the world when traditional interaction and infrastructure refused to select the telecommunications sector as a business opportunity.

Consequently, it’s a matter of days before a real-life telecom application may emerge in lieu of bringing Cardano’s philosophy to the fore through the World Mobile team.

How will it work in Pakistan?

According to Mubasher Lucman, on the one hand, we have made great strides in the availability of broadband, but on the other hand, there is a serious lack of progress in meeting the real benefits of broadband expansion. Lucman stressed that while; people have access to the broadband they are still subject to tariff inequality under the current offer. 

This is where WM comes in. The World Mobile team will work together will local operators to target and identify those who understand the long-term benefits of consumer eligibility. “Together with our local partners, we are confident that we will make a significant contribution to the pace of economic growth that must be complied with”, continued Lucman.

In conclusion, consumers will become more efficient partners in economic activities and this will definitely have significant results on the national economic front.

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