World renowned Turkish chef Bork Ozdemir announces visit to Pakistan

World-renowned chef Bork Ozdemir, who has the most followers on social media in Turkey, has announced his arrival in Pakistan.

Baaghi TV: Since the popularity of Ertugrul drama in Pakistan based on the Islamic conquests of Muslims, the city of Afaq series has shown a strong attachment of Pakistani personalities with Turkish actors and many actors and celebrities have expressed their desire to come to Pakistan. One of them is Bork Ozdemir, a world-renowned Turkish chef.

Bork Ozdemir is commonly known as CZN Burke on social media and is one of the most followed personalities on social media in Turkey. He has 26.7 million followers on Tik Tak and his posts. He has 485.5 million likes and 17.1 million followers on Instagram.

Ozdemir, a world-renowned chef who specializes in Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine, went viral on social media when 9GAG posted a video of him cooking a unique kind of kebab.


Another reason for the Turkish chef’s popularity is his lovely smile that is always on his face. Ozdemir never takes his eyes off the camera, whether they are chopping vegetables and stacking them, no matter what anyone else is doing, you will find the chef looking at you.


In addition, there is the unique bread that identifies them, which they gift to every celebrity who comes to their restaurant.


At the young age of 26, Bork was already the owner of Mediterranean Sofrasi China, a restaurant in Turkey that has three branches in Istanbul called Taqsim, Aksray.

After becoming famous, many celebrities visit their restaurants in Turkey, including Pakistani singer Momina Mustahasan, Imran Abbas, Indonesian singer Verdun, and footballer Mesut. Ozil is included.

However, now there is good news for his Pakistani fans that world renowned Turkish chefs are coming to Pakistan.


In a recent video with well-known social activist and lawyer Hassan Niazi, Bork Ozdemir has revealed that he is coming to Pakistan this month.


Look who’s planning to visit Pakistan. That too very soon. The humble and amazing CznBurak BURAK. His love for Pakistan was mesmerising. He says he wants to turkey to see Pakistan through him. #Turkey #BrotherCountry #AyeWallahBey #CznBurak

Gepostet von Hassaan Khan Niazi am Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2020

Introducing Niazi in his video, Burke called him his “Pakistan brother” and said he was coming to Pakistan this month and would meet everyone soon.

Hassan Niazi wrote: “Look who is thinking of visiting Pakistan very soon. Polite and amazing CZN Bork-

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