World to observe anti-corruption day on 9 Dec

ISLAMABAD, Dec 6 (APP):The International Anti-Corruption Day will be observed on December 9 across the world to raise awareness against the corruption and its effects on the society.

December 9 has recognized as International Anti-Corruption Day under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in 2003. Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies.
Corruption undermines democratic institutions, slows economic development and contributes to governmental instability, a private news channel reported.

The main objective of the day and the campaign that follows is to eliminate corruption to make way for a prosperous and content society, across the geographical boundaries. The day involves a lot of activities both in the UN and respective member states, like conferences, speeches, plays etc to foster a feeling of fighting corruption at home as well as across the borders.

Corruption affects every country, region and community. No one is immune to this crime. But everyone can take part in the fight against corruption.

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