World will have to come out of Islamophobia: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said people of Kashmir and Palestine were subjected to torturous brutalities after 9/11, stressing that Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should side with oppressed people of Held Kashmir and Palestine.

The prime minister called on the OIC to stand up against the oppression of Palestinians, Kashmiris and Muslims in the world, he said this while speaking on the summit being held in Makkah.
He stated that equating Muslim political struggle with terrorism was not correct in any way. The freedom struggle of Kashmiris and Palestinians cannot be categorized as terrorism.

He further stated the wave of oppression against Muslims in Occupied Kashmir is on the rise. Kashmiri’s are struggling for their freedom. OIC owes this responsibility that it should resolve Kashmir issue as per UN resolutions.

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He underlined Israel used terrorism against innocent Palestinians as a means to take over palestine. Baitul Muqaddas is the capital of Palestinians.

PM stressed that Muslim countries should prefer modern technology. He went on to say Islam phobia and terrorism caused damage to Muslims more than all others. West is still portraying wrong picture of Islam. No religion allows human killings and terrorism. Islam has no connectivity with terrorism.

He underscored Western world should care for the sentiments of Muslims. The world will have to come out of orbit of Islamophobia. Leadership of Muslim world should convince western world. New zealand incident proved that terrorists have no religion. If any Muslim is involved in terrorism then it is given the name of Islamic terrorism. Most of the terror attacks were launched by Tamal Tigers before 9/11. No one linked their attacks to Hindu religion. Terrorism will have to be delinked from Islam.

He remarked brutalities and tyrannies were unleashed against Muslims after 9/11
The premier said : “When someone from the West blasphemed our Holy Prophet (PBUH), I always felt the response from the Muslim Ummah and OIC was lacking.”
“The OIC — us heads of states — owes a responsibility to the Muslim world , when somebody blasphemes our Prophet (PBUH), it is a failure of the OIC that we have not been able to explain to the other countries the love and affection we feel for our Holy Prophet,” said PM