Worst load shedding in Karachi: Citizens are suffering terribly


Accroding to the reports, the citizens of Karachi are suffering due to non-supply of electricity by K Electric in the scorching heat. K Electric is still holding on to its stubbornness.

According to details, unannounced load shedding is still going on in Shahar-e-Qaid, 8 hours load shedding is being carried out in residential areas and all industrial areas.

In this regard, the sources said that due to load shedding, factories have stopped working in night shifts, thousands of workers have lost their jobs due to shift closure, K Electric has started the worst load shedding on the pretext of shortage of gas and furnace oil.

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The duration has reached 20 hours in the load shedding areas, 3 to 6 hours load shedding is also going on in the exception areas, up to 700 MW additional power is being supplied to K Electric from the national grid. Despite the improvement in the weather and the decline in demand, the worst load shedding continues.

According to sources, K Electric’s claim of shortage of gas and furnace oil also turned out to be baseless. SSGC and PSO are supplying to K Electric as per its requirement.

K Electric informed the PSO about the additional demand for furnace oil late this month. K Electric is required to inform 30 days in advance about the demand for furnace oil.

K Electric blames Sui Gas Company and PSO for load shedding but gas and fuel suppliers say the allegation is baseless. They said that they are supplying uninterrupted and extra gas and fuel to Karachi, the K Electric in Karachi is working with alleged misrepresentations.

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A spokesman for Electric says the load shedding will go away when fuel is available, but according to gas and fuel suppliers, the reality is different. According to Sui Gas Company and PSO, Electric’s claims are baseless. Excess gas and furnace oil are being supplied uninterruptedly.

Sui Gas said in a statement that it was supplying 50 mmcfd of additional gas to K Electric, while PSO said it had supplied 61,000 metric tonnes of furnace oil. The question is still who is responsible for the worst load shedding in the city?

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