Writing on the reality of Pakistani expert by Ahmad Qureshi

Just got a call from a big Pakistani TV channel. “We are doing marathon transmission when the budget is presented in Parliament tomorrow,” the producer said. Your time should be up to an hour. I said I would love to sit on your channel but there is a problem, and that is that I am not a budget and economist. To a large extent I can speak as a Pakistani citizen but not more than that. The voice came from the front, no matter what, after reading a couple of articles, nothing happens. I smiled and said that this is not my subject, this is not my field.

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After holding the phone, I remembered when there were discussions on the Yemen war on Pakistani channels in 2015. People who didn’t know anything about Yemen were coming and analyzing. Great Pakistani strategist, anchor, journalist, politician, military expert and cleric were sitting to give expert opinion on Yemen who do not know the difference between the Sultanate of ‘Amman’ and the Jordanian capital ‘Amman’, but the flag of Qatar and Bahrain. But thank God the Middle East and the international media do not follow the Pakistani media. (By the way, two years ago, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry hoisted the Qatari flag all over Islamabad on the arrival of the Emir or Prime Minister of Bahrain in Pakistan, this is the case of those who are the guardians of the foreign policy of a nuclear power.)

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Well, back to the point, think about how important the annual budget is, and then think about how low the standard of TV journalism has fallen in our media, that these channels invite good economists for a day for a few bucks. Can’t, but anyone can come for free by reading a two newspaper article. When upside down people talk about national issues, then the people also lose faith in the state. This is Pakistani number two. Not to do good work, just to spend.

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I am telling you this because all Pakistani channels will be doing long broadcasts on tomorrow’s budget. Many guests will be talking. The rest is up to you.

Ahmed Qureshi

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