Xinjiang vice-governor defends centers for Uighurs at UN Rights Forum.

The Vice-Governor of Xinjiang region has defended his country’s run ‘detention camps’ at Right forum of UN and termed them vocational centers.

According to the reports of Baaghitv, Xinjiang Vice Governor Erkin Tuniyaz appeared in U.N. Human Rights Council and said country has no detention centers but training camps which are controlled by state, to provide skills to the Uighur community and contain extremism in the region.

Commenting on the purpose and benefits of these camps, he said, “This will prevent them from becoming victims of terrorism and extremism and to protect the basic human rights of the citizens from infringement.”

US has severely criticized the detention camps being operated by Chinese officials and around 1 million Muslims which are held in those camps, hailing from Uighur community. US issued a statement on his appearance and said his appearance is embarrassment to UN Rights forum and his[Governor] defense of Beijing’s activities is inexcusable.


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