You cannot Escape by running away from the Case, Court’s remarks on Kanwal Shauzab and Maliaka Bukhari Disqualification Case

On the request filed against the disqualification of Women’s Assembly of Tehreek-e-Insaf, the court expressed confusion and said that seven days were given and 14 days have passed, members of the assembly had not responded.

According to the report, Islamabad High Court heard a disqualification case of the National Assembly’s three women members of Tehreek-e-Insaf, the court expressed confusion of not getting a response from Kanwal Shauzab and Maliaka Bukhari. Justice Amir Farooq said to adjourn the case till MNA’s time period ends, he further said that you cannot escape by running away from the case, your attitude is showing that the request filed against you is true.

The court inquired from Maliaka Bukhari’s lawyer that why are you doing this? It looks like you’re doing this on purpose, why do Kanwal Shauzab and Maliaka Bukhari not want to reply? Justice Amir Farooq further said that 7 days were given but the answer is not given even after 14 days. The lawyer replied that the same was said in the previous hearing but the answer is ready it only needs to be submitted, the court adjourned the case till 16th July.

The petitioner emphasized in the court that Maliaka Bukhari used to have a dual citizenship till the last date of nomination papers, Kanwal Shauzab allegedly mislead the vote change in the Islamabad High Court, the court is requested that according to the Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution members should be disqualified.

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