YouTube Gaming announces to beef up gaming to compete against Twitch

YouTube Gaming goes BIG against Twitch!

YouTube Gaming has officially unveiled its 2022 plans, unveiling a slew of new features that will be available as soon as possible. Interesting to see that many of these take their cues from Twitch.

In the previous several years, the purple platform has established itself as a significant player in the streaming industry, and it has maintained that position ever since. On the other hand, YouTube Gaming has steadily caught up and has even snatched away some of Twitch’s top video providers.

In the second half of this year, TimTheTatman and DrLupo moved to YouTube, and more well-known streamers are anticipated to follow suit soon.

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As more streamers migrate to YouTube Gaming, there has been a rise in requests for the platform to integrate Twitch-type modifications, such as chat moderation tools, the ability to “raid” other channels, and the introduction of third-party emotes like BTTV and FrankerZ.

From what we can tell, YouTube has finally heeded our pleas and declared its ambitions to expand and improve the platform in the years to come. In an interview with YouTube Gaming on October 29, 2021, Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt revealed some of YouTube’s intentions for 2022, including collaboration with Valkyrae and CouRage.

Gifted YouTube Gaming subscriptions and Live Direct are two major upgrades that long-time red platform users will recognise. When it comes to gifting YouTube Gaming memberships, the first option is simple: users may give others a YouTube Gaming membership as a present.

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For as long as fans can remember, increasing the discoverability of content has been a discussion topic. Users have complained that the platform makes it difficult to discover new content compared to Twitch’s simple directory.

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New streaming tools and streamer moderating options will be available on YouTube Gaming. Additionally, the Clips tool will be improved to a whole new level. Short YouTube videos are being created that are pretty similar to those on TikTok.

It’s unclear when these new capabilities will be available in YouTube Gaming. On the other hand, if this happens sooner rather than later, broadcasters on other platforms will be more inclined to switch to the red platform.

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