Youtube Star Ukhano Rejects Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Pakistani YouTuber and National College of Arts Alumni, Umar Khan aka Ukhano, reportedly rejects allegations of sexual abuse against him.

According to Baaghi TV’s sources, YouTube star Ukhano, is reportedly in hot water after concerns of sexual abuse have been raised against him by multiple girls. Reportedly, beauty blogger and influencer, Urooj has also shared screenshots to prove the allegations.

Reports confirm that many girls have come forward to share screenshots of supposed conversations with Ukhano. Since the initiation of Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s legal battle last year, many victims of abuse have come forward with their claims.

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Ukhano is a former student of NCA Lahore, as confirmed by Baaghi TV’s reports, and is known for his connections with many top stars of Pakistan’s media and entertainment industry. It is believed that the prestigious college of arts is attempting to cover up the story. However, this needs further clarification.

Baaghi reports further confirm that celebrities including actress and model Anoushey Ashraf, travel vlogger Eva zu Beck, mastermind behind Pakistan’s all-female comedy troupe, Faiza Saleem and even comedian and social media personality Moru have come forward to show their support for the YouTube star.

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Moreover, one girl has even come forward to claim that she was in fact, “raped” by Umar Khan.

Ukhano himself has posted a video denying the allegations of abuse placed on him by many who claim to have “screenshots” that can ruin him. He shared the following video on his official Instagram:

He stated, “in light of the recent false accusations against me, here is my response.” he continues to say that he requests people to watch the video at least once and try to understand his position, “listen to my side of the story before you form any judgements about me”.

While there have been people who have offered him words of comfort there have been others who have made use of the opportunity to post memes targeting Umar Khan as well as posting hateful comments.

One Instagram user has commented that while they are not taking anyone’s side, they think it is the girls who are responsible for letting the guy cross the line, stating:

Just because he’s famous and cute, first you girls let them cross the line and after that because you don’t want it anymore it’s a harassment case! Wow! Sorry to say but many people are just here to get attention and fame.

@bepostivebro Instagram User

Another user has gone on to comment that Umar Khan is a “vile excuse of a human being! You have the guts to make this pathetic attempt of an apologist video saying you have proof of your ‘innocence’ but wont share it because it’s against your morals? Do you think your followers or the people are fools? That they don’t see what you’re doing?”

Those basing their judgement are further commenting that they he should:

Repent and ask for forgiveness. And next time, keep your unsolicited 'horny' messages to yourself, you horrible man.

@wisheikh Instagram User

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