Zahir Jaffer can not be killed in an encounter, Sheikh Rashid

Lahore, 2nd August: Noor Mukadam’s murderer can not be killed in a police encounter, said Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid.

According to details, Sheikh Rashid said on Monday that they cannot have the accused, Zahir Jaffer killed in a police encounter, no matter his crime.

Interior Minister addressed a press conference in Islamabad today and said that the police have completed the investigation and conducted the forensic test.

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He added that all evidence has been handed over to the court now. Sheikh Rashid hoped that the court will soon order a death sentence to Zahir Jaffer, the alleged murder of 27-year-old Noor Mukadam.

Rashid addressed the presser and said that the ‘active ladies in Islamabad’ and ‘social media’ have ruled out the possibility of an extrajudicial killing.

Earlier today, the police presented the accused Zahir Jaffer in court in Islamabad, after which the court sentenced him to jail on a 14-day judicial remand.

Zahir Jaffer’s failed tactics during his polygraphic test

Meanwhile, the investigation officer informed the court that they have completed their investigation.

It may be recalled that on Friday last week, Punjab forensic lab conducted the polygraph test on Zahir Jaffer, where he was asked 20 questions by the experts.

Sources informed that Zahir Jaffer behaved abnormally during the test.

Noor Mukaddam murder case: Accused Zahir Jaffer shifted to another state facility

It is pertinent to mention here that Noor Mukadam, daughter of an ex-diplomat Shaukat Ali Mukadam was murdered on July 20 in Islamabad at Zahir Jaffer’s residence.

The Islamabad police arrested Zahir Jaffer after he murdered Noor Mukadam and beheaded her with a sharp instrument.

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