Zahir Jaffer murder trial: Court to indict suspects on Oct 14

Oct 7, 2021: The date of indictment in the murder trial against Zahir Jaffer has been set for the 14th of October by a sessions court in Islamabad.

An Islamabad sessions court on Thursday set October 14 as the date for indictment in the murder case of former diplomat’s daughter Noor Muqadddam.

A total of 12 people will be indicted in the case, including Zahir Zakir Jaffer, the main accused in Noor’s murder – his parents Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adam Ji, their three domestic staff Iftikhar, Jan Mohammad and Jamil and therapists of Therapy Works.

Therapy Works employees include Tahir Zahoor, Amjad, Dilip Kumar, Abdul Haq, Wameek and Samar Abbas. The court last month set October 6 as the date for framing charges in the case, but it was postponed after the defendants filed new petitions and demanded some documents along with a copy of the challan.

During the proceedings, Zahir sought the judge’s permission to speak, before saying: “I apologise”.

“You don’t need to speak right now. We will listen to you during the trial,” the judge responded.

Meanwhile, the court also rejected the suspects’ request for a copy of the digital evidence in the case.

During the hearing a day earlier, Zakir’s lawyer had argued that the court had given the authorities seven days to charge his client who was not even aware of the evidence against him. He urged the court to indict the accused after providing the documents made part of the challan.

Adam Gee’s lawyer had also said that the documents submitted during the interrogation should be provided to the suspects and reference should be made to previous cases where it was allowed. He claimed that the accused were not giving a forensic report and some cases were kept secret. He had asked the court for more time before indicting the accused.

“Time should be given to settle the allegations so that we can understand the evidence against the accused,” he said.

Zahir’s parents were detained on July 25 after their son was arrested for allegedly hiding material facts from the investigation team. They then approached the District and Sessions Court for bail.

The local court had on August 5 rejected the bail applications of Zahir Jaffar’s parents after their arrest and observed that they had incited Noor’s murder and tried to conceal material evidence.

They later approached the Islamabad High Court for bail, which also rejected his application and ordered the authorities to detain him until the trial is over.

On Wednesday, they filed a petition in the Supreme Court, asking the Supreme Court to grant his bail application and quash the IHC’s September 29 order.

It is to be noted that Zahir had confessed to killing Noor while his DNA test and fingerprints also showed his involvement in the murder.

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