Zahir Jaffer’s Parents Try to Make the Case Look Like a Robbery

Senior journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Luqman has said that the Noor case is beginning to reveal new details. There is a separate case and it involves the dark web and murder, and it may have a link to this crime, he has said.

The journalist has reiterated multiple times that Zahir Jaffer’s parents are not innocent, and four thousand hours worth of investigation has been done into this case. Thanks to this as well as a wealth of experience from prior cases, the nature of the case can be guessed. As such, when a woman named Tania, wearing a mask, held a press conference, the journalist was convinced that it was an act.

According to the investigation done by the journalist, a number of new details were revealed. The investigating officers have been questioning Zahir’s parents.

The parents had contacted various people after the incident to make it seem like a theft and robbery. They started acting innocent, stating that they didn’t know what was happening and that they shared the victim’s family’s suffering. A number of excuses were made, sometimes saying that they were doing business in Korea, and also insisting on a robbery taking place in their house in which some valuables had been stolen, including paintings, gems, and some cash.

According to details discovered, the parents stated that their son, murderer Zahir Jaffer, had been beaten up badly during the robbery and had also had ended up killing one of the robbers in self-defense. They called their friends, looking for people and lawyers that could aid them. Both the mother and father called various people separately and tried to enlist their help in making it look like a robbery.

A forensic audit will be done of all the phone data, which will reveal if there are any connections with the dark web or satanic worshipping. DIG Operations Islamabad Police Afzal Kausar, who submitted a report before the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, told the Standing Committee that the challan of the Noor case will be submitted very soon.

It should be noted that the daughter of the former ambassador to Korea Shaukat Mukadam, Noor Mukadam, was killed in the outskirts of the Kohsar police station in Islamabad. Shaukat Mukadam said, “There was a call from Kohsar police station at night that Noor Mukadam had been killed and when I reached the spot, my daughter’s throat was slit.”

A case of murder has been registered at Kohsar police station under Section 302 of murder by Shaukat Mukadam. According to an FIR lodged at Kohsar police station, Shaukat Ali Mukadam told the police in his statement that Noor had told him that she was leaving for Lahore with friends and would come back in a couple of days when he last spoke to her before her killing. He eventually received a call from the police when he discovered that his daughter had been killed.

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