Zahra Mirza – A Wonderful Asset for Pakistan

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”, Edgar Degas. That’s the inspiration that urged Zahra to expose that side of society which is usually invisible, through “Art”. Artists like Zahra are not made, they are born.

She is a real embodiment of women’s empowerment in our country, Pakistan. This is the story of that woman who is proud of Pakistan and wants to show her talent on the international level to level up her country’s pride.


Her full name is Zahra Mirza and her father’s name is Mirza Khalid. She was born on 20th October in Saudi Arabia Alriyadh and currently completing her post-graduation as a multimedia artist from the National College of Arts, Lahore. It is obvious that artists are born, not made, so is Zahra Mirza. She used to have an interest in art since her childhood.

Her father says about her that Zahra was a real artist; we knew it from the very beginning. When she was in P.G, she was more intelligent than her peers and used to play more with colors than other things. She continued to grow up like that and explore herself.

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Zahra – lucky to find her soul’s destiny!

Everyone has a talent hidden inside him but there are only a few lucky ones who come to know it first and then bring it out. That’s the turning point where anyone can make his own fate. Fortunately, Zahra was blessed to know about her insight into art at the age of 7. It is the age at which most of the girls play with dolls but Zahra was struggling to find out something beyond this ordinary world. In her leisure time, she spent her moments while drawing sketches and painting purposeful things.

After that when she was in high school, she strongly knew that she would become an artist, that artist which not only paints to content himself but to change the world’s direction. For that, she decided to pursue a career in Multimedia art and approached NCA (National College of Art) in Lahore and did her Master in Multimedia Art there.

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Journey of Excellence:

She didn’t come to this point of excellence so easily. She had to polish her abilities in art through practice and competition. She took part in many Art contests about which she says; she won most of the time because she drew differently from others. She says her paintings are not just the ensemble of colors but give a connotative image to those who love to open a mystery box.

Zahra’s motive:

“Creativity takes courage, says Henri Matisse”

Zahra herself says;

“I draw better than I talk”

These few words can seem simple to you but gather the denotation of the whole universe. It means that art is more vivid than words to make someone understand something. You can also take an example from the creation of this universe that God made this world to make people recognize him. It’s a deep thought which Zahra Mirza extracted from the creation of the universe and put into her work. It can be concluded from the quote that;

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Zahra aims to simplify things as great artists are simplifiers. If you see her paintings, she loves to paint historical things. She looks deep into what others catch a glimpse of. She says she never rests. She is always on board to be free and flies like a bird. She struggles to be better than the previous version of herself.

Furthermore, she doesn’t want to lock her talent in herself but wants to teach it to others. It is because she wants to bear artists in this world of constraints or closure. As;

“Art is freedom”

“Artists have no choice but to express their inside”

Does the story end here?

Zahra’s story doesn’t end here; in fact, it will never end. She will continue to live ever through her art. As;

“In every painting, the artist is himself present”

She strived through every thick and thin and continued to stick to her goal and now she holds the title of being an excellent artist. She never gave up on her dreams. She pursued her art career and is still making wonders. We have great things to learn from her journey of “success & struggle”.

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Key Takeaways:

The key takeaways from her story are;

  • Before sticking to any goal, make sure that it’s your soul’s destiny as Zahra assured that
  • Once you find it, stick to it until you find the perfection of your dreams
  • Never bother the hardships you face while chasing your dreams
  • Try to excel in your field from every angle so that you be the role model for others
Zahra Mirza – A Wonderful Asset for Pakistan | Baaghi TV
Pictured above is Zahra Mirza. IMAGE CREDIT: @zaramiirza

How to reach Zahra Mirza?

You can reach Zahra Mirza on her Instagram account!

Final word:

In the end, a few words will be enough to enlighten the importance of artists that;

“Artists like Zahra Mirza are the wonderful & real assets of Pakistan”

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