Zara stuns everyone with its hideous ‘Oversize Shirt’

Lahore, (19th March, 3:30 pm): Zara, the famous Spanish clothing retailer is selling a Kameez for nearly 20,000 PKR and calls it an ‘oversize shirt’ on its website.

Baaghi TV: This oversize shirt by Zara looks familiar to millions of Asian women who wear it daily and call it a Kameez.

Zara may call the long, collared shirt with long drop-shoulder sleeves and cuffs ‘an oversize shirt’ but we’re calling it a kameez. The outfit by the famous brand is worth £ 89.99 (Rs 19, 537.25).


Zara’s oversize shirt which looks hideous is made of rayon and looks like it might have been popular in Pakistan in the 80s.

It may also be noted that this isn’t the first time Zara has made shalwar kameez and tried passing it off as something else.

As per reports from Dawn Images, the news was first pointed out by a journalist Sabbiyah Pervez on her Twitter account. She said that she could have both the cloth and asked her mother to stitch them for her and saved £70.


A user rightly said that shalwar kameez is trendy if it isn’t on a South Asian woman:

Some of the Twitterati recalled how they were made fun of for wearing shalwar kameez abroad, but once such cultural clothes are put on someone from outside, they become cool and trendy.

Netizens shared hilarious versions of the shalwar kameez previously stitched by Zara and passed as a fashion symbol.

A user pointed out a shirt with a blazer on and said that putting a blazer on over it doesn’t hide its true nature!

Take a look at another shirt by Zara:

This isn’t the first that a western clothing brand has reinvented a desi piece of clothing. As per reports, earlier, UK store Thrifted sold Kurtas without pants and called them Dresses.

Similarly, a New York-based brand Sea sold Ajrak tops and called the colour ‘brick multi.’

And not to mention our famous Peshawari Chappals made by Christian Louboutin, who called them ‘Imran Sandals’, named after our Prime Minister.

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