Zoom app breaks the record of Tik Tok

Lahore: Zoom App broke the record of Tik Tok, it is widely used in Pakistan, according to reports, new inventions in the world have changed human life  that was never possible, even today Man is researching on it and made it possible.

China’s inventions in this regard have caused a stir in the world, the popularity of the new app Zoom can be gauged from the fact that it surpassed Tik Tok.

According to the details, scientists are conducting various experiments to solve human problems on the internet and in modern times. 

Most of the laboratories, schools, colleges and universities have been closed due to Corona, which has caused problems to students and teachers.Online lectures, meetings needed an invention to make it all possible at home, so the new app was introduced. Now for online classes and meetings at other institutions around the world, including schools, colleges and universities, video calling app Zoom is being used.

Zoom has surpassed Tik Tok to become the most downloaded app. Before Zoom, the Chinese-made app Tik Tom had the distinction of being the most downloaded app in the world, but now Zoom has become the most downloaded app. The video calling app Zoom has been downloaded 300 million times in April and June this year.

Zoom also broke the Tik Tok record on the Apple Store, where the app was downloaded 94 million times, while Tik Tok was downloaded 71 million times.In Google Play Store with over 225 million downloads Tik Tok is on no. 1 and zoom has been downloaded 200 million times.  In other countries, Zoom has been downloaded 68 million times in India and 41 million times in the United States.

It should be noted that the popular video conferencing application ‘Zoom’ has recently launched its new and improved version 5.0 to make users’ information more secure. The new version includes better encryption features so that it can prevent unauthorised people from attending a video conference, attending any meeting will require a six-digit password.

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