Accused Man Arrested for Blackmailing a Woman: Islamabad

Accused Man Arrested for Blackmailing a Woman: Islamabad

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Islamabad has arrested a man who was accused of blackmailing a girl for marriage by taking pictures from her lost phone.

The accused used the photos to blackmail the 16-year-old girl and forced her to make objectionable videos for him, threatening make it go viral if she disobeyed him. According to the official information provided in this regard, the accused belongs to Kohistan and the Cyber ​​Crime Wing has arrested him from a sector of Islamabad and has registered a case against him and started investigation.

An officer of the Islamabad Cyber ​​Crime Circle told the BBC that the life of a 16-year-old girl living in Islamabad became extremely difficult when pictures of her in the memory card of her lost mobile phone fell into the hands of the accused. The authorities have reported, the accused allegedly called the victim after seeing the pictures and demanded that she befriend him and threatened to make the pictures found on her mobile phone viral, if she did not accept.

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According to authorities, the frightened girl forced the man to talk to her on video, which the accused also recorded, and during the video calls, he asked the girl to pose differently. An official in charge of the case told the BBC:

“The girl was married in her hometown of Skardu, where it is not uncommon for girls her age to get married. The family did not even know that her mobile phone and the pictures in it were in someone’s hands, but when accused Naeem Khan found out that she was married, he became angry and started questioning her. When he did not agree with the girl, the accused sent the video of the girl to the girl’s father’s number which he had made during the video call.”

The accused demanded the victim’s father to get his daughter married to him otherwise he would send the videos to the victim’s husband and destroy her house which was not yet inhabited.

According to the officer concerned, the victim’s family contacted the FIA ​​to deal with the matter and lodge their complaint, where they were instructed to give the impression to the accused that he was being obeyed. And so on Thursday he was called to a designated place in a sector of Islamabad from where he was arrested by the FIA ​​team and an FIR was registered against him and the investigation was started.

Authorities claim that the accused also threatened to kill her father and brother if she did not obey him.

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