Actress Meera involved in a fraud case


Lahore, 10th November: Pakistani actress Meera held an important press conference at Lahore Press Club today.

Baaghi TV: During her press conference, film star Meera said that my cousin’s property has been seized and that she should be given justice.

Meera said that I will organize a tribute program for my uncle Babar.

She clarified that the purpose of the conference was to save her reputation and media trial. In the past, Meera said that she has been accused of many things, all of which have been proven false.

“I was also character-assassinated in India”. She also showed the details of all of her accounts to prove her innocence.

She said, “I am being humiliated on social media. I have not received or spent money from any bank including Western Union. If it gets proven that I have done any corruption then I should be hanged.”

However, on asking a question about the price of the villas bought in Dubai, Meera diverted the attention and couldn’t answer.

She appealed to the Army Chief to provide justice to her dear uncle Babar Naqvi and relinquish his property.

It should be noted that during the lockdown, Meera had turned her home into a shelter home and sheltered the homeless people of the showbiz industry there. She claimed in front of the media that the helpless people in the situation of coronavirus should be given shelter at home. Meera gave a home to a choreographer Lada and his family.

A few days ago, choreographer Lada released a video message in which he disclosed that Meera had not opened a shelter home of any sort. It was all a lie tof=gain popularity and funds from rich people.

In her message, Lada said that actress Meera has cheated on me and my children. Meera has played with my children’s lives. By bringing my children forward, she raised funds in the name of aid.

Lada added that Meera kept me in her house for 3 months and during that time she kept my wife for cleaning the house and also employed children. Following media reports, people from all over the world sent me millions of rupees in the name of aid.

“The actress used to write her account number in our name when she called for help abroad. I want to tell everyone that my house was not a shelter home but a centre of fraud so strict action should be taken against her,” demanded the choreographer.

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